September 1, 2008


We're getting closer!

The stripes are up in the main living area. Our little point and click doesn't do the colors justice, but the colors are beautiful.

The harlequin pattern is going up in the kitchen, and now that the window trim pieces have a new coat of chrome they will be re-installed soon. I'm getting excited to see our home starting to come together as our own.

The creative effort has inspired us to remember that there was a time when we both identified most as artists. Working and designing together, finding our natural rhythm, has been incredible and energizing for me. Watching the process of taking one of our ideas and working it, layering our ideas on it, and changing it bit by bit as we offer up individual perspectives and talents has reminded me of the fun which is possible in everything that we work on together.

Though the last few days have soared back into balmy temperatures, I can feel the summer coming to an end. Ordinary moments are standing out, beautiful and altogether too fleeting...

Nichola and Quinn have both grown so much that June seems a lifetime away already. Nichola is talking...about everything...all of the time....watching and incorporating new ideas and mannerisms so quickly that I hardly recognize her by the end of each day.

You might say that that is common to babies, and it is, but what I have also noticed is that it isn't just Neeka. Jeff and Quinn seem to have found a toddler like openness and speed of learning. I see Jeff becoming more and more himself...more creative, more inspired, more fun and more educated every day.
I am watching Quinn toy with incredible concepts about the world, with the sparkling, peaceful perspective of a boy.

Things are going by at a blur and yet, somehow, standing completely still.
It is an rewarding life that we have woven here, and even as we say good-bye to the employment based insurance and security that we have known and depended upon for so long, the excitement of new opportunities and impending growth create a buzz in the air...

I feel, even though our wheels are stopped, we are on quite a roll....


Sara said...

The paint looks amazing! Can't wait to see it all finished. Sounds like you're having a great time there...xxoo

Misty said...

Wow, the paint is beautiful!

kkryno said...

Wow! Love the colors and design. I also want to say kids grow so fast; but you guys are growing so fast too. Embrace it! Before long you'll be my age...I thank you for sharing it with all of us.

carrot quinn said...

That paint job is beautiful. I just found your blog, from a link on another blog, and it's wonderful. Thanks for writing!

Dough and Fruit said...

WOW!!! it looks sooooo much better then before!

I miss you guys sooo much! love you! -Mark

Jack said...

Love the patterns and the pait color!


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