November 17, 2008

Bump In the Night

Last night as we where cresting the Shenandoah Mountain Range where the snow was falling heavily and my voice had disappeared hours ago beneath a deep and alarmingly wet rasp, we heard a slightly disturbing crash from the back of the RV. Being inky black night there was no way to see what it was so I told myself it was the trash can falling as an image of the refrigerator door flying open crossed my mind. It was a big crash, but I would have heard at least some of the contents of the fridge fall out if that had been it, so we drove on... attempting... in vain... to clear the mountain range before stopping for the night. Alas, starving and freezing we had to give up on our slow (20 mph) descent and that is when we saw it.

The fridge door had not swung open.

It had fallen off completely... and was lying, condiment side down, in the rear hallway... mayonnaise and salsa covering the floor in a pattern that told us the exact skidding dance of the door across the floor. I have heard that a door is not a door when it is ajar, but is it still a door when it is lying on the floor?

I would have gotten photos for you, but it just didn't occur to me until this afternoon when I was happily driving out of the mountains with my fridge door reinstalled.

You see, I was almost immediately distracted by the discovery that our furnace would not light and there would be no more driving for the night. It was set to be a cold, sub-freezing, see your breath night and we had little to do but begin making dinner, pull all the blankets and settle under the covers before the temperatures began their now painful descent.

Worry not! We were plenty warm under our mound of blankets and I was in good hands with an intuitive partner and an RV full of natural healing remedies. Set to bed with a tummy full of cherry bark, echinacea, nettles, dulse and honey I woke feeling well despite the utter lack of sound coming from where my voice used to be.

This too shall pass. It is so very true.
Twenty four hours later we are in Charlottesville with a repaired fridge full of every kind of organic goodie and even a hug from a fellow Texan found in the soap isle.

We'll be staying in a hotel tonight... grabbed on Priceline for $40... while Jeff works on fixing the furnace. If it cannot be repaired we are a mere hour from my grandmother's ranch home where we can live warmly and happily waiting for Thanksgiving and our new furnace to be delivered. ;-)

Happy Birthday to Jeff and Quinn who's birthdays are Wednesday and Thursday of this week.
I'll likely be up to my eyeballs in celebration, but I'll check back in and tell you of the other adventures I've left out.

Never Boring!


***Edited to add: An overwhelming series of events combined with a run of bad food choices has me battling an old and undesirably familiar pain today. It is my only real fear and I'm trying to embrace, accept and transmute it. Loving thoughts, prayers, vibes, virtual hugs... I can really use them today... if you've got some to spare.



teresa said...

Fantastic story! I hope you laughed out loud when you saw the door on the floor. I can relate because recently I did a solo sail on my boat and not only could I not get my kerosene heater to work, but I was also seasick, and aground (stuck in the sand)!!! I was frantic, but later laughed as neither me nor the boat were hurt. Love your adventure. Love your blog! I look forward to reading more.

hippymummy said...

Wow, a magic fridge that does tricks! Amazing! Hope you get your furnace working again soon, we're already having roaring fire and granny blanket nights here and i'm in england. not a sign of snow yet here! Sending you lots of lovely warm snugly thoughts and good wishes for thanksgiving from the Madhouse xXx

Anonymous said...

Many thank yous for the caravan pictures! I think "caravan" sounds so much better than rv; yours is a caravan!
colourful, wonderful, awe-inspiring. Love everything especially all the fabrics.

Misty said...

"battling an old and undesirably familiar pain today"

Oh no! Hugs and positive vibes your way!

Rainy in Alaska said...

A very long time ago I heard Peter Ustinov say "In order to find freedom you must first find the prison." Freedom is a constant theme in your postings. And from time to time you seem to be searching for the prison. A few postings ago you were attempting to find freedom from the plans you had made. Perhaps one day your rv will be the prison and you will find freedom in a stick built house.

Monica said...

Sending some healing vibes to you, Aimee... hope it's but a blip on the radar and then gone.

Oh, and happy birthdays to Jeff and Quinn!

Sorrel said...

Hey! Happy Birthday Jeff!! And Happy Birthday Quinn!! I love yo guys and wish you the best with fridges in the future! hahah : )
I can understand.
Anything that is on a constant move needs more look after and more care :) ~Sorrel

suzannah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF AND QUINN... No wonder you like the road so much... both Sagittarius. My birthday is on the 10th... so... I know that on the road feeling. Next Summer we will be building a Gypsy Caravan just for that purpose.. I know that will help with my "on the road again... gotta get on the road again" (think Wille Nelson!!!) feelings...
Blessing to all of you. Hope you are feeling better!!!