July 27, 2009

Proud Daughter!

In association with John Hopkins School of Public Health, Meatless Monday Campaigns Inc. has reviewed my father's food blog Edible Aria and found it to be "consistently excellent!"

Check out the article!

From Edible Aria
If you want more you can also find his inspiring site featured on The Green Fork's Healthy Monday: The Day All Health Breaks Loose


Here are a few excerpts:

One of our favorites is Edible Aria, a recipe and news blog that advocates sustainable eating. Ren, the chef, writer and photographer behind Edible Aria offers recipes for organic, unprocessed foods plus pertinent articles and quick cooking tips you can use this Monday. Ultimately, he challenges us to “eat as if our lives depend on it!”

Ren first became an advocate of healthy foods when his daughter alleviated her chronic pain by changing her diet. “I witnessed my daughter rid herself of the symptoms of fibromyalgia by eliminating processed foods in favor of whole, fresh foods prepared at home.” Edible Aria’s menu is a testament to this philosophy. It consists of simple ingredients from local, organic sources.

Go Daddy-O!


rencooks said...

You're gonna make me cry. Oh, too late!

Annie said...

Love your father's blog. I will follow it also...
The fruit did not fall far from the tree did it??
You both are special people.

Brandon said...

Your dad has a great site and some amazing recipes. I'm glad you pointed me in his direction.

Sieren said...
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Sieren said...

I am so glad that I found both you and your dad's blogs! Definitly 2 of my top favorites!! :)
I love the beautiful descriptions of your new home; reading them helps keep me going while I'm still living in the city. If you don't mind me asking, where do you live now? I couldn't seem to find it anywhere in the posts, and it sounds wonderful!

Annie said...

If we guess correctly do we get an invite to dinner?
My guesses are around the Taos area...or Colorado close to New Mexico...

JAM said...

hey, didn't know that was your dad. He is following me on Twitter and I have been following him on his blog. How neat.