October 17, 2010

Over the River & Through the Woods

Yesterday marks a week for Jeff being completely free of his cane. Though he cannot yet move his middle toes and there is still a lot of hardness and some swelling, he is finally able to bare weight directly on his foot. To celebrate, and to liberate ourselves, we decided a hike was quite in order.

We planned on a short stint through the valley on the Northern ridge, but somehow wound up taking a hike straight up the Southern ridge, through the Aspen groves and descending nearly four hours later 1/4 mile East of home.
It. Was. Wonderful.

Here are a few pictures of our hike.

10-2010 008

10-2010 017

10-2010 065

10-2010 093

10-2010 151


KatGold said...

My Sweet Aimee You're Back Online!!!

I guess you have been for a while, but I only found you today.

I am so happy that everything is well for you all and that you are back home.

Much love to you and Jeff and the kids.

Ann said...

miss you guys, I am so relieved you are back in a safe & happy place..both literally and spiritually !

Aunt Ann

morganna said...

Yay for Jeff! And lovely pictures, too. Isn't that area beautiful this time of year?