November 6, 2011

As Requested: Pictures!

Sadly, after over an hour of searching I have come to the conclusion that no one takes pictures of me, and pictures of Quinn are hard to get because he starts acting squirrely the minute the camera comes out.

So, regarding the before and after pictures this is the best I can do:

pre-dread hair
Before the dreads were put in

sectioned hair
hair sectioned2
My hair after sectioning it for dreads

just dreaded
after dreading - I actually really liked them here. It is when they began to loop up on themselves creating dreads that were up to three times larger in circumference at the bottom as they were at the top that I started to dislike them. I do not know if this was due to my hair type or to the method that we used.

aimee simmy
Here is one of only three pictures that I could find of my dreads over a year old.

quinn and aimee
Here is how I usually wore it

So, there you have it.


happygirl said...


mysticpi said...

Beautiful pictures!

I'd love to see a picture of how your hair looks now. I have dreads and I lile to see options for "after"

Babetta Popoff said...

oh how I love your face :) Louis and I will be in Austin this I wish you guys just "happened" to be there and we could do tea...or some good strong coffee :)