November 25, 2012

Picture! Finally!

I finally have the ability to get pictures loaded up again.  So, without further ado:

brown buckling1

brown buckling2

quinn w brown buckling1

zeppelin 11-12 eyes
Zepplin, the fearless guardian (now cleared of all charges of goat chasing-he's innocent)

Cutie Patootie Simone

Just after the first big snowstorm of the year

Playing in the snow on the porch.  I wouldn't brave the winds and snowfall, but they were out as soon as the snow started falling and I barely saw them for 5 days after!

The patented Neeka Face

Ron Weasley and his little pig trick or treating in the Historic John Dunn Shops

Every year the shopkeepers of the Historic Taos Plaza and John Dunn Shops decorate, costume up, and hand out candy to trick or treaters.  It's one of the hightlights of our year.  The town really turns out for this event and it feels like getting invited to the best costume party ever.  We don't eat the candy we just like to be a part of the fun.  When we get home we toss the chemical laden sweets and we make our own.  Years past have included pies, caramel apples, art supplies, maple sugar candies and organic chocolates in trade for the junk.

The shopkeepers dress up too.  This year we saw several women with sugar skull make up in traditional dress.  They were my favorite this year.

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Eva said...

Beautiful pictures! So how was Zeppelin cleared of all charges, if I may ask? I am glad to see you got some snow, up here in the foothills in CO it has not rained or snowed all is bad.