February 23, 2013

Taos Is A Four Letter Word For Steep

Some of our very best friends are in town right now.  In fact we've been with friends almost every day for the past week.  As if that wasn't enough, Quinn was invited to join some of them for skiing in Ski Valley today.   Quinn loves skiing.  Loves it.  I have never gotten to see him ski, but today my lovely friend thought of me and sent this photo that made me positively gleeful.  I hear that Taos Ski Valley has some of the steepest and best slopes in the country. 
Thanks, M & P!


The girls stayed home with us, but they found fun in the snow too. 

neeka and simmy snow

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Lynda Otvos said...

Info from a friend in the know and with the finances to afford the finest took her kids from the SF Bay Area to Taos to learn to ski. She believed that it is the Best Place in North America to ski and so I agree that Quinn has had a great experience. So sweet of your friends to take him with them; he looks positively delighted.

We have to travel a few hours to snow if we want to see it or play in it, which is ok with me since I learned to drive in Fort Lauderdale and have never gotten the wintertime lessons needed to safely live in your climate.

Altho it is the loveliest anywhere.